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Villa Verde’s fried cheese will make you smile

Villa Verde Queso Frito with Guava Sauce

Want a Villa Verde appetizer that’s sure to make your taste buds happy? Just say cheese!

Order some Queso Frito — fried cheese — with guava sauce.

Queso Frito is made with a white, salty cheese that has a high melting point. The cheese is cut into cubes and pan fried to give it a crispy exterior and a perfectly melted interior.

Dip the warm squares of cheese into the fruity guava dipping sauce for a sweet and savory tropical treat.

Fried cheese is so popular in the Dominican Republic that it’s eaten any time of day — even in the morning, where it’s part of the traditional Los Tres Golpes breakfast with mangu (mashed plantains), eggs and Dominican salami.

For a true taste of the Dominican Republic, order Villa Verde’s Queso Frito as an appetizer. It’s $7.99.

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