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Villa Verde Empanadas are a tasty turnover treat

Villa Verde’s Beef Empanada

If you’ve ever eaten an American apple turnover, you know the concept of a Latin American empanada.

Now think about that flaky pastry filled with a hearty meat mixture or warm savory melted cheese — that’s basically a Villa Verde empanada.

They’re tasty little half-moon shaped pies that are easy to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner — and are great for an appetizer, snack or meal.

Villa Verde sells them at the restaurant and from the food truck at local events. They’re easy and fun to eat out of your hand.

To make an empanada, Villa Verde’s chefs cut traditional dough into circles, spoon on a filling, fold the disc of  dough over and seal it around the edges to encase the filling. Then the empanadas are fried to a golden brown.

Villa Verde makes empanadas with a seasoned ground beef filling, a tender chicken filling and a gooey Cheddar cheese filling encased by the buttery, flaky pastry. And shrimp empanadas may be offered as a daily special.

Villa Verde’s empanadas are served with the restaurant’s tasty Villa Sauce for dipping.

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