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The secret’s out: Villa Verde has a secret menu

Zenon Steak

If you’re a “foodie” — or just someone who eats out regularly — you may be aware that many restaurants have “secret menus”: fare that isn’t on the regular menu that the kitchen can whip up for you if you ask.

Well, Villa Verde has a secret menu. So now it’s not a secret any more!

The Greenville Dominican restaurant has a number of off-menu specialties. Some of the “secret” dishes utilize items that already are in the kitchen, just put together in a different way. Other items were offered previously as a special limited feature. And some entrees are being developed and may make it onto the menu one day, so they’re available for patrons to order as a taste test.

Here are some of Villa Verde’s not-so-secret secret dishes:

Sauteed Scallops — Sea scallops sauteed in garlic and white wine.
Villa Verde’s patrons loved these succulent scallops when they were offered as a weekly feature. Scallops that meet our kitchen’s high standards aren’t always available — but we will provide them when possible.

Zenon Steak — Marinated and grilled flatiron steak topped with 2 shrimp and sauteed vegetables served with tropical rice.
This was a special entree for the Valentine’s Day Couples Menu. Since Villa Verde usually has the ingredients on hand, just ask for it.

Wonder Land and Sea — Two filet mignon medallions with a wine reduction sauce and two sauteed scallops.
This was a an incredibly popular feature on Valentine’s Day. The filet mignon medallions always are on the menu — ask if the scallops are available to add to the beef for this delicious surf-and-turf combination. Also, inquire about which sides are included.

Vegetarian Plate: A selection of Villa Verde’s wonderful and healthy vegetables.
We previously had a vegetarian plate on the menu, and you can still order it: grilled onions and peppers, a Dominican salad with kale and cabbage tossed with Dominican vinaigrette, and rice.
Or you can create your own veggie plate by ordering non-meat sides: tostones, french fries, beans, maduros, fried yucca, rice, tostones, baby mofongo, small Dominican salad.

Just ask your server if  the “secret” dish is available and inquire about the price. The kitchen will whip it up for you, if all the ingredients are available.

And the chefs at Villa Verde always are creating fresh new dishes. They will be listed on the Daily Features blackboard if they are available, so don’t forget to check it out.

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