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To try Dominican treats, pick a Picadera platter

Villa Verde’s Picadera appetizer sampler

One of the highlights of the new menu at Villa Verde is Picadera Familiar — an appetizer sampler meant for the whole family to share.

The platter includes some of our favorite Dominican snack specialties:
* Tostones — Sliced green plaintains, deep fried with a hint of salt.
* Chicarron de Pollo — Juicy pieces of bone-in chicken fried to perfection, with no breading.
* Masa de Certo Frito — Richly seasoned and deep fried succulent cubes of pork with pickled onions.
* Fried Yucca — Fresh yucca root, boiled and then fried to produce a crisp outside and succulent inside.
* Maduros — Sweet caramelized yellow plantains.
* Queso Frito — Traditional Dominican cheese, fried to a wonderful crispy exterior with a perfectly melted interior, and topped with guava sauce.

Order one for everyone at the table to share, for $21.99.

A smaller Picadera appetizer sampler, for $9.99, includes samplings of Tostones, Chicharron De Pollo, Masa De Cerdo Frita, Yucca and Maduros served with traditional Dominican dipping sauces.

These Picadera samplers are a fun way to explore the flavors of Dominican cuisine.

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